Development of MDM solutions to ensure OJK has complete, consistent, up-to-date, and trusted PUJK reference data and profile data and enables PUJK reference data and profile data to be shared by all business functions, systems and applications in OJK.

Development of an Administrative and Investigation Information System (SIANDIK) application to improve the ease of recording investigations and / or investigations and to make it easier to obtain information related to the progress or follow-up on the cas

Development of OJK-SAR application system that is integrated with SIMFOSIA and other supporting applications that are dynamic and meet the needs of managers and users of the system so that it can help realize the improvement in quality and consistency of

Development of Blanko Certificate Application Management that can register the expenditure of Blanks for Files that are in process at KKP. In addition to tracking, this is also intended to Safeguard and Account the Use of Blanks and is easy to operate (us

The application assists in administering Separated State Assets contained in State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) / other institutions as well as a financial report data processing tool to present projection data and an early warning system related to the finan

State Asset Management Information System (SIMAN) to support the needs of managing state assets.